Giving Thanks to You

Over the past three months, I’ve had the honor and good fortune to join the PA IPL community. I have been welcomed with open arms and this has brought with it a great sense of home and family. The year to come bears so much hope for the future as we seek a solution to the current pandemic, navigate this new world and the many new beginnings which 2020 have brought about in our government and society. I am confident we will come together as families do to care for one another and our shared home. Thank you for the hope you give me and so many others through your work, your caring, and your love.

Lessons from the Year

Building on the lessons learned earlier this year by following the works of Joanna Macy, we continue our commitment to and gratitude for this precious Earth we call Home; to name and honor the pain we feel; to seek new understandings of our shared strength and determination to act for the well-being of all; and to go forth, every day, with renewed intentions to live in ways that heal our Earth, and one another. Let us recognize what it has taken to get us to today and give thanks for the many blessings creation has provided us.


Gratitude is a spiritual resource worth tapping into. A 2018 study from Indiana University found that people who took time to have a daily writing practice around gratitude experienced greater mental health than those who did not. Many of our faith communities include gratitude as part of their spiritual daily practice. In the Jewish tradition there is a daily “Thanksgiving” prayer recited which says, “We are grateful…for our lives which are committed into Your hand, and for our souls which are entrusted to You, and for Your miracles of every day with us, and for Your wonders and benefactions at all times— evening, morning and noon.” Please enjoy this video of gratitude that it might lift your spirits wherever you are today.


As we face this moment of intensified pandemic it is more important than ever to draw from the lessons of Thanksgiving — both the national holiday and the ongoing spiritual practice — to work to notice and cultivate a sense of gratitude for our bodies and health, the important relationships that sustain us, and for our nourishing connection to the natural world.

Many blessings and thanks,