September 2020 Newsletter: Engagement at the Equinox

There is a Hadith that says, “Verily, in your lives there are breezes (of grace and mercy) that will blow, indeed you should take advantage of them.” In this year of so much uncertainty and loss, of loved ones, of our daily rhythms, and of icons, such as the honorable Ruth Bader Ginsberg, it can be difficult to see the signs of God’s grace and mercy. As the seasons change, I am reminded of the great cycles of change we experience and the role of both community and the hand of God in our lives. This week marks the Jewish new year with Rosh hashanah and as we enter the colder months we should take stock of all we have been blessed with and look beyond the horizon to new beginnings, as an organization and a community of like minded believers in climate justice. We can begin to step back from the heavy burdens of this year, to bear witness to the larger wonders of our world and trust in the greater power of God’s ongoing creation.  

“Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and  the  earth  and  the  alternation of  night  and  day,  there  are  signs  for those  who  possess  intellects.  Those who remember God standing, sitting, and lying on their sides, and reflect on the  creation  of  the  heavens  and  the earth  (and  say)  ‘Our  Lord,  You  have not  created  this  in  vain!  Immaculate are You!” (3: 190-191)

At the autumnal equinox (Maban) may we recognize and give thanks for our many blessings, the harvest, our community, and the conviction of our mission which sustain us as the fruits of the garden of creation.