September 2020 Newsletter-Civic engagement — make and support voting plans now.

Voter registration is open until October 19, 2020.  Already-registered voters can register to vote by mail until October 27, 2020, but to make sure delays don’t get in your way, make your choice and do it now! 

Now is also the time to reach out in your congregation.  Make sure every member of your congregation who wants to vote, has a plan — and has the support to carry out that plan with time to spare.   You can help fellow congregants check to make sure their registrations are correct, and may be able to help by printing registration forms, checking transportation schedules, or doing phone-tree reminders for those who are planning to vote in person.  Remind in-person people to mask up for safety, and to bring water, a snack, and weather-appropriate clothing in case they have to wait outside this time! 

This one pager from PA IPL has all the links you need.  It’s currently available in English.  Spanish and Arabic language versions coming soon to  Share as many as you like with your congregation and civic groups — and if you’re fluent in another language, offer us another version to post!