Stories from the Road reflection— Mark Smith, support driver

Share a highlight of a past bike trip.
I loved being able to show up at scheduled breaks with snacks and water. Maternal feelings of concern and care for the riders were not typical of the ways in which I typically connect to other people.

Fuel for the humans!

How has the bike trip continued to impact or sustain you? 
I learned an important lesson about the power of working with other people. We can’t always do everything on our own. We are more powerful together. I witnessed the support of a rider who was struggling on a particular day by several other riders who stayed with him, even as he fell behind the main group.

In what ways are you continuing to reap inspiration and energy from your experience of the trip?
I hope that I will be able to make the trip at some point in the future.

Fall 2016 Blessing of the Trees

What you are doing right now to support the work of PA IPL in raising climate change as a moral issue?
I run Germantown PA IPL Tree Tenders, an official tree planting group of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. The group advocates in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia for the moral imperative of PA IPL’s message about the climate crisis through its spring and fall plantings.

What “call to action” would you encourage others to take regarding climate change at this time?
Voting for strong environmental candidates, not just in the national election, but in the state and local elections is the most important thing to do this year!