Going Virtual

As our way of rising to meet this most extraordinary moment, PA IPL will be sharing a short message of daily sustenance — an image, a poem, a link — our offering to you for nourishment, support, and connection. If you’d like find Daily Sustenance in your inbox, and you aren’t already on our list, sign up here. We’ll get you hooked up.

in the Ommatidium, Samuel Wilkinson and Beau Lotto

As a statewide organization that has long used remote connections to weave our community, we are lucky to have experience with virtual workshops, as well as the more common calls and webinars. Our in-person meetings are on hold. We are working to create meaningful alternatives, and will announce them here on the website, here and in the event listings. Where an in-person event has been reshaped for virtual participation, we will note that at the top of the existing event listing. Calls like our monthly Sustained Advocacy calls continue at their usual time and place.

Please do join us for Around the Spiral: Practices of the Work that Reconnects, every Tuesday evening, 7:00 – 8:00 pm ET.