Great Leaping Leap Year!

Leap year gives us an extra day in our calendars, and it comes this month!  What will you do with your one wild and precious ‘bonus’ day?

Thanks to more than 170 of you for joining us at our annual conference.  We have heard the sense of co-conferencing across regions was terrific.  As much as we were all disappointed not to have our planned plenary speaker with us, the history of Pennsylvania’s extraction —and the history of resistance and re-growth— was very helpful to many attendees.   We would love to share your reflections about the workshops you attended, and hear how the conference has continued to inform your thinking, conversations, or prayers. Send them to us at, and let us know we have permission to share on Facebook or on our blog.

To hear from Colette Pichon Battle, who was unable to be with us, check out her recent TED talk and Law for Black Lives, both available online. 

This was first published as part 1 of the February 2020 newsletter.  Scroll up or down for more upcoming March and April events, an action idea, and a review of our February Annual Conference