Conference breakout workshop preview: Climate Action: What if it were easier? (Pittsburgh)

Have you seen the amazing workshops that will be part of our February 9th conference?

This is one of the breakout workshops planned for our Pittsburgh location. Register now for the Pittsburgh conference-The Long Journey: from Extracting the Past to Cultivating the Future.

The Pittsburgh conference will be at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, 616 Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15206. Register now.

Climate Action: What if it were easier?
Seth Bush, Radical Support Collective

All of the successful changemakers who have come before us have had one thing in common: the ability to sustain themselves and stay present to what is meaningful through the pain, challenge and hard work that is an inevitable part of transforming the world.This interactive workshop, led by Seth Bush from the Radical Support Collective, will show you 4 simple principles for walking a path of ecological and social stewardship with ease rather than struggle that you can practice in your own life and bring home to your congregation. Learn to take small, sweet steps toward what’s meaningful to you and make an impact that other people want to be a part of because they’re lit-up by it, not overwhelmed.

Seth Bush is a coach for social change leaders working to heal the climate crisis. He has managed and organized grassroots campaigns for clean air, renewable energy, and environmental justice for the Sierra Club in Baltimore and as a community activist in Pittsburgh where he now lives. Seth’s dedication to community, equity, and stewardship grows from his roots as a Quaker, and he delights in helping leaders do bold, visionary work that is sustainable for the long haul. Read more about him and his organization at Radical Support Collective.

There are three workshops per location. Find everything you need to know about the conference here.

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