Conference breakout workshop preview: To Thrive is to Grow! (Philadelphia)

Have you seen the amazing workshops that will be part of our February 9th conference?

This is one of the breakout workshops planned for our Philadelphia location. Register now for the Philadelphia conference-The Long Journey: from Extracting the Past to Cultivating the Future.

The Philadelphia conference will be at the First Presbyterian Church of Germantown, 35 Chelten Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19144.

To Thrive is to Grow! 
Tree Planters, Tree Tenders, and Gardeners of Philadelphia  

Increasing the city’s ‘green footprint’ battles climate disruption on several fronts: trees create shade and moisture, cooling overheated neighborhoods; green spaces absorb CO2; and community gardens and urban farms provide locally-grown and consumed food, shaving emissions from trucking produce from miles away.  These are just a few initiatives alive and well in Philadelphia. Making these, and other carbon-reducing, heat-relieving options available to all Philadelphians is an empowering, and necessary, step to achieve equity as we face the coming climate crisis.  Our panelists will give an overview of projects-in-progress, and offer information to participants to be involved in local, hands-on work.

There are three workshops per location. Find everything you need to know about the conference here.

Register for the Philadelphia location now.