August 2019 Newsletter Part 3 – Season of Creation

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For many Christian traditions, September is the Season of Creation.  2019’s theme is the Web of Life. The Season begins September 1st, and ends on October 4th, the Feast Day of St. Francis. You’ll find denominational resources, and a celebration guide at the website. Liturgical resources from Let All Creation Praise (the Spirit Series, Word Series, and Wisdom series) are rich and have many resources which can be lightly adapted for use in interfaith contexts, or as part of services in other religious traditions. This responsive invocation is one delightful example that Trinity Lutheran Church in State College used in their Soil Sunday celebration a few years back.

Leader: We invite the land to worship with us: 
People: wildflowers and mysterious mushrooms, swirling grasses and goldenrods. 
L: We invite the farmlands to sing with us: 
P: wheat fields, orchards, and vineyards, hay fields, gardens, and wetlands. 
L: We join with all the fauna of the fields in praising God: 
P: horses, sheep, and cattle, grass snakes and grasshoppers, eagles and crows. 
L: We invite the ground to stir deep below: 
P: life-giving microbes restoring the soil, beetles and worms preparing our food. 
L: We celebrate the song of the soil!
P: Sing, soil, sing! 

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