100% Renewable Energy— solar installer remarks

Jacob Mann from SunDirected was scheduled to give remarks at the 2019 100% Renewable Lobby Day organized by our friends at PennEnvironment.

Full disclosure: SunDirected is a perennial silver sponsor of our bike trip. They’re in central Pennsylvania. For you Eastern Pennsylvania folks, Exact Solar was also a 2019 silver sponsor, too.

Jacob’s remarks:

Good morning everyone! I want to thank Penn Environment once again for the opportunity to be here and speak.

I have worked for SunDirected since 2014 and have had the chance to work in all aspects of the company from Sales and Marketing, to Installation, to Project Management and Design. This has allowed me to meet with people on all sides of the spectrum looking for renewable energy.

Everyone I meet has a different motivation for putting solar on their home or business, whether that is a pure carbon footprint reduction, or just being tired of paying an insane amount of money to the electric company.

Everyone who has solar can agree that renewable energy WORKS and is FEASIBLE in Pennsylvania. We have the opportunity to change the narrative, not only in Pennsylvania, but across the country. We can become a leader in renewable energy opportunities. Pennsylvania no longer needs to be a coal and natural gas state, we can be a wind and solar state.

There is so much untapped potential for solar in Pennsylvania. As that potential turns into reality, there is going to be a massive job market in solar. Every other installer I run into has the same problem right now, too many projects sold, not enough people to install them. We need positions filled NOW! And as we grow? There will be even more. These aren’t just blue collar jobs either. The major need is installers, but we need project managers. Designers. Sales people. We need professionals from all backgrounds. If we can put job training programs into place, we can truly make the transformation happen. Coal and Natural Gas are finite, but the sun shines every day. We have such an opportunity here, and I am so excited to be apart of it!

Thank you!