2019 Bike Blog Day 4: Baltimore to Bealesville

(from a warmer, drier riding day)

Blogger: Mike Ford

It was another day riding in the rain and cold (48 degrees), and we completed 62 miles to a retreat center in MD, where a highlight of the day was meeting there the State College group of bike riders.  We’ve had wonderful fellowship and food together, met with a local group of folks doing lots of good things to promote sustainable energy and lifestyles in this area, and soon head to bed for a good sleep.

Over dinner, our combined groups shared in an exercise – we each had to say one word that summarized our experience of the day…then we could elaborate on what that word meant to us.  I’ll let you use your imagination to fill in the details, but here are words our combined groups shared: mud runner/ divine/ wet/ determined/ cold/ incredible/ arrghh/ water.

Locals welcomed the team for a warm-up

I love the interfaith component of this effort.  Not just the common bonds we share between faiths to care for creation now and for our children, but what we share and learn from each other, riding side by side, asking and answering questions, sharing common frustrations and joys from our faith traditions, introducing ourselves to others we run into as a group of many faiths, united for a common, faith-based initiative.  It strengthens me in and helps me appreciate more my own faith tradition, Christianity, yet it broadens my perspectives and appreciations of other faith traditions.  I encourage any reader to find ways to have good conversations with those from faith traditions other than your own.

Tomorrow is our final day of riding – about 40 miles into D.C., where we’ll finish the ride at the Lincoln Memorial.  The group will then head to a retreat center for a night of preparation for our final day visiting House and Senate members to talk about our concerns that they work on policy and legislation that show far sighted care for our environment, so that our children and their children will have a healthy, beautiful planet in which to live.  Pray for us as you think of us, and thanks for reading about our adventures.

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