2019 Bike Blog Day 3: Orbisonia to Huntingdon, MD

Blogger: Casey Cook

Our trip fulfilled the dual meaning of the word Jaunt. After our evening meal the dual meaning of the word was discussed. Jaunt has the historic meaning of ‘tiring trip’. However, it is more recently known as being used to describe a pleasant albeit short journey. This word worked well to represent our day, because of the rain we were entirely drenched for the first half of our ride. Relief came after lunch, when the rain let up and when we arrived in Hagerstown early.

At the beginning of the trip, the slog up Cowan’s Gap was made especially troubling by the world around us. The rain had driven all of the worms out of the ground and they lay strewn about our path. While walking they are easily observed and avoided, but with the speed of a bike that close attention is nearly impossible. To our worm friends for whom we could not go around we thank you for your contribution to the richness of our soil.

A combination of rain and cold reminded me of the intense sense of drive we all must have to complete this journey, and upon arriving at lunch in Cowan’s Gap we were all a little blue. But blue is not bad in the larger scope of things because blue allows us to see contrasts with other colored days. Help did come, in the most unlikely of ways. Many of us took shelter in the heated bathrooms at the lake’s edge using the hand dryer to warm our feet and dry our clothes.  Others took refuge in the heated sag wagon.

Return to the outside was not kind and some of us ended up shivering so violently that we had trouble assembling our sandwiches. Luckily our sag wagon drivers the Najjars were ready to help us with whatever we needed. Chiefly, supplying us with ample amounts of hot chocolate.

Our early arrival in Hagerstown included being greeted with some more hot chocolate and was freeing: No sleeping mats to lay out, or food to find on our own. Our friends from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Hagerstown prepared us a lovely warm meal. Real bed and hot showers were provided to us by Christ Reform Church. This stay has been a fantastic reprieve from what is promised to be another wet day tomorrow.

Overall our day was exhilarating and quite an adventure. A solid mixture of good and bad. We came to recognize and appreciate both.

Word of the day: Ben blue, Casey dryer, Dean exhilarating and freeing, Dorothy shivering, Janet hot chocolate, Jason slog, Marali worms, Noah jaunt.

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