2019 Rider Profile: Noah Droege

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I’m not usually one to put myself out there. Other people my age go to parties, hang out with friends all the time, and generally be really social. I prefer to stay in my basement and play video games, or lie in bed and browse Reddit. So if you’re wondering what made a privileged, lazy, internet-addicted gen-Xer actually put in effort for once in his life by biking 200+ miles to Washington, D.C., and what’s making him do it every year? That’s understandable. Here’s the thing. I’m genuinely concerned for my future.

In my lifetime I could live to see horrible things occur because of our lack of action. In fact, I already have. Personally, it means less snow in winter, and more unbearably hot days in summer. Globally, it means entire islands going underwater, entire countries dealing with increased drought and unpredictable growing seasons. I have the ability to just move somewhere higher in elevation or farther north, to cherry pick the location that perfectly suits my wants and needs. Others are not so lucky. This is happening now, across the globe.

It’s bitterly unfair that the places that are feeling the effects of climate change the most are the one’s who did the least to cause it. I saw a wonderful video titled, “On the Front Lines – Climate Change” by a youtuber named Jack Harries. Jack is barely older than I am, but already is out working on climate change documentaries, in order to shed some light on the frankly frightening situation some people are in.

We all have to do our part, no matter how large or how small. This is my way to say, “No. I won’t stand by while the world slowly falls apart”. Because it’s not over yet. With advocacy, with action, with hope and perseverance, we can work to bring about a better future. For you. For me. For everyone who is now and for everyone who has yet to be.

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