2019 Rider Profile: Mike Ford

Meet Mike Ford, second in the 2019 series of rider profiles, and one of the Philadelphia trip leaders. Get to know the riders for the PA to DC rides as the series unfolds, then follow the trips!  Learn more.  Donate.

As a Christian in the Anabaptist (Mennonite) tradition, I’ve long valued living a simple life and minimizing my impact on the world’s resources.  As I’ve come to understand more of climate change and the environmental challenges we are already seeing because of it, I’ve tried to learn more of what I can do

individually to help make change, and as a pastor, what  I can preach/teach to help more people see the tie between faith and good stewardship of our limited resources and environment.

I participated in the inaugural Philadelphia-D.C. trip in 2018 and love it.  I love long distance bike riding (especially when a cause is involved) and the challenges and discoveries that come with it.  Further, it was educational and stimulating to learn how to advocate in D.C. with our elected representatives.  

I suppose I’m fairly typical in how I approach climate action in my own life — I try to live a lifestyle where I reduce/reuse/recycle.  In the last year, I’ve tried to focus on reducing the energy use of our home by increasing insulation, installing energy saving thermostats, installing LED lightbulbs, using less water.  Getting more involved with PA IPL is pushing me in good ways to be more informed and active in this regard.

I love people, adventure, risk, and making interfaith relationships!  I’m looking forward to all that and more on this ride.  Follow along!

Mike Ford is the Pastor of Blooming Glen Mennonite Church

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