Bike 2018: Blessing of the Philly Riders

The Philadelphia-originating riders were blessed with this travelers’ prayer, and sent of with the blast of a shofar!

Tefilat Hadereh/Traveler’s Prayer

May it be your will, Sheltering One, our God, God of our ancestors,
that you lead us on the road in peace,
and protect our footsteps,
and enable us to reach our destination,
alive and well, happy and safe.
Protect us from all harm and mishap on the road,
and grant us favor, kindness, and compassion,
in your own eyes and the eyes of all who may behold us.
May you hear our voice of prayer.

A prayer for the journey
We could say it every day
When we first leave the soft warmth of our beds
And don’t know for sure if we’ll return at night
When we get in the trains, planes and automobiles
And put our lives in the hands of many strangers.
Or when we leave our homes for a day, a week, a month or more –
Will return to a peaceful home? Untouched by fire, flood or crime?
How will our travels change us?
What gives us the courage to go through that door?

A prayer for the journey.
For the journey we take in this fragile vessel of flesh.
A finite number of years and we will reach
The unknown, where it all began.
Every life, every day, every hour is a journey.
In the travel is the discovery,
the wisdom, the joy.
Every life, every day, every hour is a journey.
In the travel is the reward,
the peace, the blessing.