2018 Rider Profile: Dr. Ed Prince

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This will be my 3rd IPL ride to DC —3rd consecutive— close to an addiction!  It is another chance to make a statement as a citizen and as a Christian. I want to lobby for our country to take better care of God’s creation.

We will do this by riding our bicycles 200+ miles to our nation’s capital and voicing our opinions to our elected representatives in Congress.

As a family doctor in State College I am especially interested in the health benefits all of us would see by decreasing fossil fuel use in the world.  By decreasing harmful emissions from coal & natural gas burning power plants we would save lives.  Throughout human history millions of lives have been shortened or damaged by lung disease, heart disease, and cancer. A major cause of these conditions has been air and water pollution from polluting human activities.  Health benefits to people by switching to renewable energy are well documented and hard for our legislators to ignore.

Climate change accelerated by burning fossil fuels is another reason for our bike ride to DC.  Each year the scientific argument for our stance on climate change gets stronger.  And the urgency for our elected congressional representatives to act becomes greater.

Our bicycling for 5 days to arrive in Washington makes a statement.  I hope our example will also encourage more individuals and communities to support bicycling, public transportation, pedestrian travel, and other less polluting ways to get places.  These efforts would help change our country’s sedentary lifestyle and improve heart and lung health.  They would help prevent hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and many types of cancer.

I try to set an example by daily commuting by bike to my office .  My wife, myself & 4 children have made bicycling a family priority – usually with enthusiasm.

I also enjoy cross country skiing.  I would be up for a January ski to DC if there were adequate snow!  It is possible to ski 50 miles in a day – but you would need a headlamp and probably a massage therapist at the finish of each day.
Not for everyone!

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