Prayer for hope, courage and healing.

PA IPL director Rev. Alison Cornish offered this prayer this morning, in an email preparing for our next board meeting.

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor, nature and water“Spirit of life, and spirit of love – God of many names, and no name – be with us now. Strengthen our resolve, even in the face of hearts that are aching. Accept our tears of grief, signs of our care for all that is broken. Help us to see the beauty of Creation, in the trees touched by golden sun, the rivers washed to the sea, the rain falling on the fields, the eyes of our neighbors, the faces of strangers. Renew in us a love of life, this very life we are living. Remind us that we are never alone, but always companioned.”

Let us remember that on the global stage this morning, leaders from nearly 200 countries are in the midst of Day 3 of their meetings working to turn from the climate pollution we have wrought toward a cleaner-energy, more just future (COP22 — the first world climate meetings in which the Paris Agreements are in force). We took extraordinary steps in 2015 and 2016 toward further success at these meetings. Let us hold those active leaders and their work in our hearts and prayers today: may the Spirit move that our leaders may find creative and courageous success, beyond what they hoped even yesterday.