Board Profile: Peter Winslow


peter winslow

This Board member profile is one of a series that will roll out from now through the early fall.  Board members are active PA IPL volunteers who live and serve across Pennsylvania.  Peter Winslow was elected to the Board for a 3-year term in October 2014.  He begins his profile with a meditation.

Buckminster Fuller
meditated repeatedly on the Lord’s Prayer and, in a process he described as “Ever Rethinking,” rewrote a version for himself each night. One rendition, from his book “Intuition” (6/30/71) is:

Oh god
Our father
Who art in he even
Is your identity.
You have given us
O’erwhelmingly manifestation
Of your complete knowledge,
Your complete comprehension,
Your complete wisdom,
Your complete concern,
Your complete competence,
Your complete effectiveness,
Your complete love and compassion,
Your complete forgiveness, giveness, and postgiveness,
Your complete inspiration giving,
Your complete evolutionary sagacity,
Your complete power, will, initiative,
And absolute timing of all realization.
Yours, dear god,
Is the only and the complete glory!
You are the universal integrity
The eternal integrity is you.

Following Fuller’s example, I seek to retain the immediate perception of awe while I act in pursuit of integrity, with the spirit of love and for the honor of truth. Anchoring both my inner search and my outer engagement, PA IPL has become my faith denomination; and the Philadelphia Chapter is my congregation.

As the result of study and meditation, I have concluded that climate disruption presents the most pervasive challenge facing society today. Consequently, I feel a personal moral imperative to do whatever I reasonably can to join with others in urgent response. The mission of IPL is also my personal mission.

I bring to the board my diverse experience as a business adventurer with a complex set of specialized organizational and analytical management tools.  Having received education in economics, finance, accounting, marketing, communications, and other business disciplines, I have served as CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, board member and/or consultant to public and private, for-profit and nonprofit entities engaged in a variety of activities. My experience in establishing and managing nonprofit organizations is particularly relevant to my participation on the PA IPL board.

Technologies pertinent to energy efficiency and renewable energy are of continuing interest to me. I am currently participating as the principal investigator of the Evolve Foundation in a project for the Department of Defense, Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) led by Carnegie Mellon University at the 171st Air Refueling Wing of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard in Pittsburgh to demonstrate energy savings through collaborative engagement of building occupants and facilities managers enabled by sensors and controls for environmental regulation. I have participated in previous ESTCP projects with Rutgers University and Siemens Corporate Technology. I have previously participated in research and feasibility studies at Rutgers University for hydrogen and electric vehicle infrastructure. And, I managed the installation and regulatory qualification for the first solar-hydrogen residential system in North America. I have been involved with PV solar and solar-thermal projects intermittently during the past 30 years.

I join with my Philadelphia PA IPL colleagues in various activities, including the following:

  • With Bill Cozzens, I am co-convener for PA IPL advocacy in Philadelphia.
  • With Mark Smith, I am a participant in the Philadelphia PA IPL Tree Tender program.
  • With Reb. Arthur Waskow, I am engaged in the Northwest Philadelphia Solar Cooperative and related efforts.
  • With Reb. Mordechai Liebling, I lead the Southport Working Group for Green Justice Philly concerning the development of the Port of Philadelphia, seeking to prevent expansion of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery and new fossil fuel infrastructure in Pennsylvania.
  • With Rev. Lewis Williams, I am pursuing continuing outreach into inner-city ceighborhoods.
  • With Rev. Cheryl Pyrch, I am educating individuals and congregations about aspects of climate disruption.
  • With Reb. Ellen Weaver, I have launched the Free Loan Association for Germantown (FLAG) to promote sustainability and resiliency in the economic development of the community.

I encourage others to join in the fellowship of these and other activities in furtherance of the PA IPL mission.