2016 Rider Profile: Lynne Heritage

lynne-smallerMeet Lynne Heritage, eighth in our get-to-know-the-riders series. The 2016 PA-to-DC ride will take place April 29 -May 3.  Lynne can’t make the drive herself, but she’s an important part of the trip: the cyclists’ ride home (and she’ll be joining the team for visits to Capitol Hill).

For several years, I lobbied with Friends Committee on National Legislation in Washington during their annual meeting.  Lobbying was one of the more significant events of my year.  Citizen participation in the democratic process helps balance the more-moneyed interests.

As a teenager, it was clear that we waste our resources and trash our air and water.  How could that be when we say we want a better world for future generations?  Turning off lights, using canvas bags and recycling became habits for me over 40 years ago.  Then I didn’t realize there was so much more to reducing our impact on the environment.

Rather than building a new house, I turned a drafty old farmhouse into an energy-efficient home.  For 30 years, I’ve been helping homeowners save energy with insulating window shades.

Driving a hybrid car and buying local organic food saves fuel.  A programmable thermostat controls the temperature in my home.  The water heater is turned off when I’m gone for more than two days.  I’m aware of how each behavior affects my carbon footprint.

An active environmentalist, I write letters to the editor and rally to promote renewable energy, save wild spaces and generate awareness about climate change.  With Citizens Climate Lobby, we’re hoping to create the political will to enact a carbon fee and dividend.  That’s where fossil fuels are taxed as they’re extracted then a dividend is given to households.

15-11-4 raysbrchA charter member of PA IPL, I’ve been following the State College to Washington DC bike ride each year.  Not being a long-distance bike rider, I faithfully read the daily email messages wishing I was along —mostly for the lobbying.  This year, I get to join the effort by being the van driver returning the bikes home.

Today was spectacular to be out kayaking today – sunny, warm and low humidity.     I forgot about all the activism and just enjoyed the beauty of our natural world.

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