2016 Rider Profile: Ed Prince

Meet Ed Prince, third in our get-to-know-the-riders series.The 2016 PA-to-DC ride will take place April 29 -May 3.  

IMG_0271I am a Bike Trip participant this year primarily because I love riding a bike.  I get pretty charged up planning, training, and participating in a bike tour like this.  My hope is to sometime ride across the country on a bike – self supported.

I also ride because I feel that our nation’s reliance on fossil fuel is wrong.  It is damaging to our environment, to our health, and it adds to the warming of temperatures we are seeing around the world. Making a statement with physical action is our way to go against this wasteful trend in our society.

We live in a fallen world. No denying that fact.  I believe we are called on to do all we can to improve our society and our world.  We are asked by God to work for fairness, justice, and for preservation of the environment we have been generously provided.  By promoting renewable and less polluting energy production I think we are doing that.  To have a shot at influencing decision makers in D.C. is a great opportunity that I want to make the most of.

I do not believe that a person must ride 200 miles to D.C. to be an advocate for the environment or to fight for climate change issues.  But I do think this well organized bike ride gives us some credibility on Capitol Hill.  The physical effort and time required to get there by bicycle will merit attention and improve our chances of making a difference.  We hope our legislators remember our point of view when they consider bills that relate to the human impact on the environment.  This is what being a concerned citizen is all about; this is more than complaining about what is wrong.  It feels right to be doing something about our concerns.

I am a 63 year old family physician in State College and am married to another bicyclist, Valerie – maybe she can do this bike ride next year.  I have 4 grown children – all with some serious bicycling experience.  I  have been in practice for 34 years.  I commute by bicycle to my office every day – unless we have enough snow for me to cross country ski.  I have a great parking spot – right in my office.  My patients  see my bike through my open office door when they come for appointments.IMG_0262

This is my family’s 34th year as members of Grace Lutheran Church in State College.  Presently I am Church Council President.  We have a green team in our congregation that has been crucial to improving our church’s use of energy resources.  While electricity for solar panels may be in our future, energy conservation has been a priority for many years.  I look at these efforts as important responses to our faith and the grace God has given us for free.  Caring for his creation is a way for us to show our love for God and others.

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