Foxdale Retirement Community — caring for Creation in shared spaces

Check back here for a one-a-day series of actions and solutions from now until 12/11, while the international climate talks (COP 21) are going on in Paris.  News is about faith voices again!  Hear voices directly from the talks in these podcasts.

Tomorrow: some immediate actions for individuals and households!

Foxdale Village Retirement Community, a Quaker-directed community of incredibly busy “retired” people, partners with PA IPL in sponsoring and hosting programs for residents and the greater State College community, as well as in our tangible service project, Weatherization First. Their Foxdale Village Greens group is doing an incredible job of finding ways around apparent roadblocks, and always looking for the next challenge as they continue to shrink their community’s footprint.   They wrote up a number of their efforts for the county Waste Watchers Award, and kindly shared it with us.  They’ve been recognized by Centre County with an Emerald Award.

Foxdale Village has continued its active recycling program, this year recycling over 37 tons of glass, metal, plastic, and paper products, through Centre County recycling (who provided the statistics).  In addition, we recycle batteries, styrofoam, plastic bags, clothing, cardboard, CDs, DVDs, and other items to community sites throughout the area, and continue our twice a year yard sale that enables us to reuse and re direct furniture and “zillions ” of other items we no longer need. We even collect 1-5 gallon buckets that arrive via our food service, cleaning them, and distributing them for reuse.

New this year, with the help of county resources, we’ve expanded our composting,  giving any resident who wishes the opportunity to compost food and yard waste.  As far as we know we are the first (and maybe only) multiple-residence community to do this. As a result, our compost figures have grown significantly. In less than a year, we have contributed over 30 tons of food and yard waste to local composting.

This year Foxdale Village Greens have broadened their activities to partner with others in our community. 

  • This spring, we participated in the Sustainable Communities Collaborative partnership between PSU and the State College Borough. Two teams of students from Communication 420: Research Methods in Advertising and Public Relations Class came to Foxdale, conducting a survey and holding focus groups to help us take a deeper look into our recycling program and helping us to understand “The Motivation to be Green” in our community. The research produced good, useable information. In addition, the two student groups earned top honors at the Borough presentation at the end of the semester. 
  • This summer Foxdale was able to participate in the zero waste program at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. We were able to obtain large compostable bags that  enabled the environmental safe collection of food and compostable materials at the festival.
  •  EileenFlanaganHeadShotResized_miniWe have partnered with PSU’s Rock Ethics Institute, PA Interfaith Power & Light, and local churches in bringing two programs to the community. 
    •  In the spring we joined in bringing Eileen Flanagan, Quaker author, speaker & activist to Pasquerilla Spiritual Center for an, open to the public, talk and discussion of her newest book, Renewable.
    • This fall we co-sponsored and hosted an interactive talk covering the main points of Po12000841_10156255009660105_7046955859817689565_ope Francis’s encyclical, ‘Laudato Si’ on climate change, led by PA IPL’s Executive Director, Alison Cornish. The event was held in Foxdale’s auditorium the week before Pope Francis’s visit to the US and Philadelphia, and was well attended.
  • Residents in our workshop and members of our maintenance staff have participated in PA IPL’s community winterization program, Weatherization First. They have created insulating window panels and completed energy saving house repairs for folks who are not able to do their own.   
  • September 24, as a part of our 25th anniversary celebration, we hosted Business After Hours in the auditorium. We provided composting etc.. and had signs on all tables announcing that the event was a zero waste event and suggested that they should all adopt zero waste in their businesses. It was also announced, and a couple of us were there as resource folks. We have been members of the Chamber for 25 years also. It was well attended and we had a lot of interest.

We continue to look for ways to improve and expand our sustainable practices both with our Foxdale family and with the broader community.

We truly appreciate being part of the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority’s Green Partnership.