All The Water That Is: children’s message notes

The Rev. Alison Cornish
Children’s Story – Faith UCC – September 20, 2015

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Drawing by Jacob, after the Children’s Message.



  • Who knows the story of Noah and the ark?
  • Nature of stories – a bit here, there – Bible stories – written down a long time ago, probably after being told out loud a lot first –
  • There are other ways of knowing about the world when the stories might have been written – or happened – and we know from these ‘other ways’ (archaeology, geology, anthropology) that, just like today, water was very, very important – essential – for life, and could also bring great harm

All life – plants, animals, people – need the right amount of water – not too much, not too little – people in the time of the story of Noah knew that, too – too little, can’t grow food – too much – pushed out of homes, whole towns.

Still happens – drought in California, in the U.S. – in Sudan, in Africa – floods just this week in Japan

  • The other thing – they may not have known back then – but all the water that’s ever been on the planet? It’s what we have today! There’s no water ‘being made.’ It goes round and round – from sea into the clouds to rain into rivers and lakes – and reservoirs and into the ground – and we draw on it to use – and then back it goes. So water from the flood in the Noah story? You might have used to brush your teeth this morning …
  • These two things we ‘know’ – that life needs just the right amount of water – and that all the water that ever was – is now – these are part of what’s so wondrous, so amazing, about this place we call our home – they are, I think, what God is all about – God is generous and mysterious and gives us life.

But, God can’t do everything. We – each of us – have to help. So, when it comes to water, that means keeping it clean, and using just as much as we need, and no more – so there’s enough good clean water for everyone. God can’t do that – we have to. It means learning about the rivers and wetlands and oceans, so we don’t build our roads and buildings too close to their edges. God can’t do that, either – only we can.

I think, in some ways, this is really the story of Noah – God wanted Noah and all his children’s children and their children to appreciate how amazing and precious life is – and I think God wanted to teach Noah that God and Noah needed to work together to make sure life could happen way, way into the future … in to our time … and beyond.

In the story of Noah in the Bible, God wanted to make sure to remember how wonderful all of life is. So let’s do something now to help us remember how important it is to take care of something that we all need – water. Let’s make a rainstorm together.

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