2015 Rider Profile: Pam Grugan

Meet Pam Grugan, third in our get-to-know-the-riders series.  The 2015 PA-to-DC ride  will take place May 1-5.  PamGrugan

The other day I told a friend I was going to ride to D.C.

“You’re crazy,” he said.

I suppose he’s right.  I’m 52.  I’m not athletic.  And my bike is about 17 years old.  I suppose I am crazy…in a good way.

What is it that motivates me to want to do something as crazy as ride my bike from central Pennsylvania to D.C.?   I think IT’S MOTHERHOOD.

I’ve devoted my energy to the growth and well being of my children for over 25 years.
Home births, home cooking and home schooling were all part of the effort.  The oldest four of my five children are now young adults, and I would like them to have the same choices I have had.  Like most parents, I want nothing but the best for my children.

And so it is that I want my children to have a healthy environment with healthy people engaged in healthy relationships to look forward to.  But I’m worried.  I’m afraid life for them in the not-so-distant future will look very different due to the impact of climate change.

When I look at what’s happening to our planet, I feel like a mother whose child has been bullied.  I feel enraged.  I want to march right up to the perpetrators and set things straight.

“Whoa, Daytime Emmy!”

That’s what my boys say to me, but I believe there’s no time to waste.  Every body must sing its Psalm of Life and “Act,—act in the living present!  Heart within, and God o’er head!”

I first met the PA-to-DC riders two years ago here in Huntingdon. As I founded and have been advising the Juniata Valley School District’s Sustainability Club since 2008 and have worked with community members to establish an annual Bike to School Day, I was curious about and affected by this group of riders. When I got my bike out for Bike to School Day 2014, I thought perhaps I should get it out more than just once a year. I started to ride more regularly, and hey! I really like it.

Okay. So, I’m up for something crazy…if crazy means working for billions of people crying out for nourishment from the mother of us all…Mother Earth.  Let’s ride, Baby!

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