Eat. Study. Preach. Pray.

preachinbreakfast.philly.2015.2Gather.  Eat.  Study.
Philadelphia PA IPL held what may be the first Preach In Preachers’ Breakfast to not be iced-out on the original date!  17 people joined in a text study of Exodus 23:1-3, the Torah portion for February 14th .(Preach-In on Climate Change weekend), with the discussion led by Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein (who took the photo) and Rev. Cheryl Pyrch.  Thanks to Susan Saxe for catering breakfast for the group!  Want to make plans for something like this in your neck of the woods before Preach In 2016? We’ll help you make the connections.

Pray where you are:
12 noon Saturday Feb.1410911302_10153004876994659_5797660026877960751_o

Interfaith Power & Light’s national Preach In has joined with the international effort Our Voices to create a Valentine’s Day Prayer for Climate Action, which people can take part in individually, within households, communities, or congregations.

Preach.  Teach.  Speak.
Join the national, annual Preach-In on climate change with a prayer, a sermon, or an activity at your house of worship.  Stumped for ideas?  The Preach In webpage has examples from past years from many faith traditions and disciplines.  Do you have a coffee hour, or an adult study hour? We have postcards letting our Senators know that, as people of faith, we are concerned about climate change. (Download and print on paper or cardstock and send to the address printed right on them: PreachIn2015.PApostcards.Senators.02.2015 )  Can’t do it this weekend?  Make it next weekend or the weekend after… or quarterly all year long!