Prayers for courage, imagination, and action, and a thunderclap!

World leaders are gathering right now in Lima, Peru, negotiating the details of the next climate change treaty to come forward in Paris in 2015.   Many opened the conference with fasting.  National leaders, climate change leaders, and faith leaders are all there, including PA IPL member Professor Don Brown, who is leading sessions on the ethics of Climate Change, and will offer a phone call and webinar for PA IPL members this winter.

People of all faiths from around the world are supporting the negotiations with prayer.  Please join them with a daily prayer moment of your own now through December 7.  Invite others to join you, hold a public vigil, or create a prayer or vigil in your own faith community, as part of an existing service, or as a standalone event.

You may find this video a compelling part of an invitation to join you in prayer.  It builds to a very strong ending that calls on each of us as individuals.

Philly-area folks may have a leg up on vigil planning, thanks to this week’s prayer workshop led by Rabbi Arthur Waskow.  If you missed the workshop (or just want more) Arthur’s books are widely available, and will resonate with people from all Abrahamic traditions, though he draws most particularly on Jewish teachings and customs.

If you use social media at all, please consider joining the THUNDERCLAP! which will post about Light for Lima with pre-approved posts that will show up all at once at 9:00 PM GMT (4:00 PM Eastern) all around the world.

Read up, learn more:

  • Climate talks brief background from the NYTimes.
  • Want more on international climate policy?  Here’s a place to start.
  • Particularly concerned about food security and hunger? This paper from international aid agency CARE outlines major issues.
  • Don Brown’s scholarly Climate Ethics blog
  • Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson’s Foundation for Climate Justice focuses on the effects of climate change on human rights.
  • Join a PA IPL study-and-advocacy group
  • purchase solar-powered lights that can charge your cell phone in a power out, and support distribution of these non-polluting light sources to energy-poverty areas of Africa.
  • link to prayer resources  from many faiths and posters for your vigil