Vigils for Climate Leadership: Light for Lima

light for lima globe logoThis December, as world leaders meet in Lima, Peru our future is on the line. Time is running out for our leaders to reach an agreement that saves us from devastating climate change. This is why faith communities worldwide are joining  OurVoices and organizing #LightForLIMA – a global, multi-faith prayer vigil. These vigils will show our leaders that we as people of faith are praying for their efforts to bring forth valid actions to start reversing the affects of climate change.

Leader after leader at the UN meetings in New York in September spoke of the size and vibrancy of the People’s Climate March, where people of faith formed the largest contingent of all.  That moral message was heard, and provided courage for leaders to speak boldly.  Now is the time to shine our lights again, urging those same leaders from speech to action.

On Sunday, December 7th, from 8:00pm-8:30pm worldwide, people from diverse faith and
spiritual communities will gather for public vigils — lit by solar lamps. There are currently vigilsbeing planned around the U.S. as well as in Russia, India, South Africa, Israel, England and other countries.  Of course it’s 8-8:30 somewhere anytime, so if that time doesn’t work for your faith community, know that your vigil will “join” a vigil elsewhere no matter what time you hold it.

In PA, we can pray particularly for Don Brown‘s participation.  (Twitter, blog) Don will be in Lima leading sessions on the Ethics of Climate change, and has promised us a webinar on his return.  May his sessions in Lima be full, and may his words urge hearts and minds to urgent, hopeful action. 

Since time is short, the solar lamps make a great followup to a candlelight vigil, instead — when each lamp is purchased, that purchase also provides 2 solar lamps to energy-poverty areas of Africa, where they will provide indoor study light — brighter, safer light than kerosene can shed.  Here in PA, the high-charge models with USB ports for charging phones make an excellent backup system during power outs caused by powerful storms.

There are many resources on the Our Voices website for you to help plan, including songs and prayers, suggested order of events and fliers and posters to publicize your event.

If we’re to stop climate change we need a strong meaningful agreement that everyone can commit to. Lima is where our leaders have to nail down the fundamentals of this agreement, so that at next years’ key Paris climate talks we get a climate treaty that protects our planet and our future. Together we can show our support for this vital work.