Pollution and climate change are costly.

Alan Eccleston and Linda Harris are friends and supporters of PA IPL, and members of the Voluntary Carbon Tax Witness group in their Friends’ Meeting.  They sent their comments to be read in Pittsburgh.  Remarks by PA IPL supporters are published on this blog alongside PA IPL’s official remarks. 

mt_toby_climatewitnessWe strongly support the proposed regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With 40% of carbon dioxide emissions coming from the smoke stacks of coal burning power stations, it is essential to regulate these pollutants.

Several members of our family suffer from asthma and other pulmonary ailments.  It is particularly distressing for us and others we know who have no defense against these pollutants.  Until EPA establishes these regulations and begins to require compliance, untold numbers of children and adults will suffer needlessly.

In addition to the immediate health effects, greenhouse gases are negatively impacting climate.  The results are more forest fires, more floods, more severe storms that threaten lives, businesses and livelihoods.   As practicing Quakers who understand that these changes affect the most vulnerable first and worst, we are actively reducing our own participation in the carbon economy, and are founding members of a voluntary carbon tax witness group in our monthly Meeting.  We know more than individual action is needed.

We commend EPA for putting the regulations together and strongly back their full enforcement.

PA IPL is looking forward to a to-be-scheduled webinar with leaders from Alan and Linda’s Voluntary Carbon Tax Witness group at Mt. Toby Meeting, including how they’ve spent the funds raised.  Think about how such an opportunity might fit in your congregation.  Does the picture change if you change the language to carbon tithe

About the posted testimony: The EPA hearings on the (finally) proposed Carbon Pollution Standards for Existing Power Plants took place the last week in July in Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Denver.  PA IPL members offered testimony both in Pittsburgh and Washington.  Testimony posted here is shared by permission of the authors.  Remarks by PA IPL supporters are published on this blog alongside PA IPL’s official remarks. When you’re inspired, submit a written comment of your own.