Longest Day Solar: national day of action.3

This post is the third in our Longest Day Solar series.  Learn more about the National Day of Action. #PutSolarOnIt

Rev. Morgan flips the switch after the new solar installation is connected at MLUC
Rev. Morgan flips the switch after the new solar installation is connected at MLUC

“Solar Shingles” Roof Installation at Main Line Unitarian Church On February 27, 2013 Main Line Unitarian Church (MLUC) in Devon, PA turned on the largest solar shingle array in the Northeast US. As a Unitarian Universalist Green Sanctuary congregation, when MLUC’s sanctuary roof need work in 2011, this earth friendly, carbon emission conscious , environmentally activist congregation naturally noticed that the South facing, unshaded expanse would be a perfect place to further reduce their carbon footprint. The Green Sanctuary/Earth Concerns Organization committee sponsors many education, hands on, and community creation centered programs. They also participate the Mainline Interfaith Green Group, many PA IPL activities and IPL national efforts, and together with other congregational leadership had already completed efforts to provide energy efficient lighting, renewable energy sourcing, motion sensor controlled lights in most rooms, programmable thermostats, and other energy saving changes as well as environment friendly landscaping. MLUC also worked with Central Baptist Church in Wayne, PA to distribute low energy CFLs to low income families in Radnor County. MLUC continues to provide financial support for the ongoing CBC program.

By the Numbers:
estimated system life………………25 years
232 poly‐crystalline modules
3,348 photovoltaic (PV) cells
weight per module: 12 lbs
output: 98%  (due to some shade at certain times of day/year)

FIRST YEAR solar performancePicture1
14,595 kWh electricity generated first year
19.41% of total electricity usage
$2,938 utility savings

$$$ costs and paybacks
contract  cost……………………..$60,320
utility savings (projected over system life)…….$131,272
utility savings (first year)…………………. $2,938
initially estimated payback…………. 15‐16  years
actual payback……………………………10 years

MLUC’s commitment to fighting climate change and ensuring an earth for our children than can lift their spirits, connect them to the rest of creation, and explore the love of the God of their understanding through understanding that how we live reflects our commitment and love for others.

These solar shingles, installed by Apollo Systems, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 250 tons over 25 years.  That’s the equivalent of the emissions of

  • a small car driving 847,119 miles (.59 lbs/mile)
  • a medium size car driving 454,364 (1.10 pounds/mile)
  • an SUV driving 318,344 miles (1.57 pounds/mile)
  • a Boeing 747 flying 515,258 miles (0.97 pounds/mile)
  • the CO2 from trash & waste of 454 people (1,010 pounds/person/year)
  • the emissions ABSORBED by planting 9,996 trees