Longest Day Solar: national day of action.1

Bald Eagle State Forest, PA, Joe McDonald image source

Want solar technology that’ll cost you about $40 for 2 units and will pay for itself and save you money inside of a year?  It’s not a dream!  This technology is proven, with options to fit any situation, including rentals and places with restrictive homeowner covenants.

Factual joking aside, Interfaith Power & Light affiliates across the country are joining an effort by national, regional, and local partners to celebrate a National Day of Action  on June 21 (the longest day) to show support for switching to clean energy, fighting climate change, and the power of bringing solar power to communities all across the country.  We’re joining the #PutSolarOnIt effort with a posts about solar congregations in PA, and we hope you’ll share the news and info, plug your household in to solar by air- or sun-drying a load of laundry and be inspired to learn more about solar (PV) power in (and for) your community.  If you already know a lot, let this be the nudge to jump on the bandwagon!

Our friends over at Citizens’ Climate Corps (now Communitopia) have released another of their fantastic Do Something videos for the occasion.  Watch below!

Links to resources named in the Do Something! video: