Opening Service, National IPL Conference

IMG_0742This morning the national Interfaith Power & Light leaders’ conference (2 leaders from each of 40 state IPL affiliates) officially began with an opening service, led in part by PA IPL’s current Board president, Rabbi Daniel Swartz.

Join in by downloading a PDF of the service (2014 IPL Conf Interfaith Service), and continue the conversation by posting scripture, wisdom, hymns, prayers, or photos of your own in response over on our Facebook page.


The project you see to the left is an ongoing project around the conference theme: Telling Your Story.  Here individuals were adding a tile to the “stained glass window”  between which we’ll add bits of our IPL stories to build a greater, more beautiful whole.

Tell YOUR climate change action stories via email (to share here on our blog, or build on together), or post quick updates, challenges, or successes over at our Facebook page.