Rising up, calling up

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In the end, 30 senators attended the climate change all-nighter — nearly 1/3 of the Senate!   While neither Mr. Toomey nor Mr. Casey participated, both now have a clearer sense of the concern of some of their constituents, thanks to 22 overnight calls EACH from members and supporters of PA IPL (or more — one dedicated caller said he called Washington plus 3 district offices for each Senator!).  The only hour we missed the whole night was midnight to 1:00 AM.  We will have the chance to remind them of these calls again when we make our visits to Capitol Hill in May.

Are you interested in participating in regular call-a-thons — maybe daytime ones?  Let us know.

Read more about the all-nighter: 

In the end, only Democrats—and not all of them—participated, but there are climate change responses from both sides of the aisle.   Want to check out a couple of Republican pieces? 

We NEED vibrant and impassioned climate change debate, but the debate needs to be about solutions and responses:

  • How should we balance adaptation and mitigation?
  • How can we respond effectively, morally, and faithfully?
  • How can we make a fast, significant start to reducing emissions in order to buy time for further innovation?
  • What are the large-government solutions, and what are the marketplace solutions?  Which are best applied how?