Slumber party!

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When we heard that 20 or more Senators would be pulling an all-nighter on March 10-11 to draw attention to climate change, we got pretty excited.  How could we support them?  Pajamagrams?  Deliveries of tasty snacks made of foods threatened by climate change?   Both are good stunts, but neither is likely to make it through security in a timely fashion in this day and age.   Then we learned that neither of our PA Senators had plans to join in.

So, we’re going to “join” the all-nighter by pulling an all-nighter of our own, making calls to Senator Casey’s offices and Senator Toomey’s offices once an hour while the climate conversation is happening.   We made a signup sheet to spread the effort out over the course of the night, and it’ll really only take you 6 minutes to make 2 calls.  We’ve made it SUPER EASY: phone numbers, a script — it’s all ready for you.
Join the slumber party! 
[UPDATE: click to the next post to read how it turned out]

(It’s OK to read directly — especially if you’re making one of the wee hours calls!)  Please be VERY polite — encourage (and express disappointment), but don’t shame!

  • My name is ______________.  I am your constituent from [PA town or zip code], and I am a member of PA Interfaith Power & Light

  • I am a [person of faith   clergy person  member of X faith community] and my faith leads me to urgent concern about climate change as a harm to Creation, including people.

  • I am taking steps in my home, my congregation, and my community to address climate change.  I am asking you, as my Senator and as a fellow person of faith, to work where I cannot.

  • It is now [XX o‘clock]. I am calling tonight because 20 or more Senators from other states are pulling an all-nighter to draw attention to climate change.  Agreeing that climate change is an urgent moral issue does not mean agreeing on particular solutions.  As your constituent and as a person of faith, I am asking you to join the conversation — begin working toward responsible solutions.

 [EDIT: click to the next post to read how it turned out]