Positively Green 2014



On March1, PSU IPL held the 4th annual Positively Green .   By afternoon the participants had made and installed 22 window inserts!   Check out the finished product in the photo to the right — you’re looking through 2 “panes” of insulating plastic with an excellent insulating air pocket between.  Impressively clear and window-like, isn’t it?  Effective, too.  One group of students reported being able to actually feel the difference in “their” house from beginning to end of the (very quick) installation!  The PSU IPL officers did a fantastic job organizing the day, and they’ve created a PowerPoint presentation they’re willing to share to show exactly how the window insert project is done.

Once the informal work teams got the first inserts under their belts, they enjoyed a little friendly competition and got into a very productive rhythm.  One participant said that was his favorite part —getting into a zone and being able to see everything he’d produced at the end.   Others enjoyed the production and the teamwork, but were most struck by meeting the residents and seeing what a difference the windows would make. 

Positively Green benefited enormously from the ongoing  Weatherization First project in so many ways — expertise and tools lent by members of Weatherization First congregational teams, early access to the households we would serve (to measure windows and make sure that this would be part of a larger overall energy efficiency effort), and the knowledge that there could be follow up later as needed.  

PSU IPL has another project already on the calendar for the end of March.

Our sponsors and supporters made the project possible:

image5851The Rock Ethics Institute  sponsored this hands-on service and climate change education project, making sure that we had the supplies we needed and that the participants were adequately fueled with both morning coffee and a tasty vegetarian lunch.


Lowe’s of State College gave us a 20% discount on the needed lumber, allowing us to upgrade to a better product.


Ace Hardware discounted the weatherstripping that gives the inserts a leak-free fit, and has supported Weatherization First from the start with discounts on materials and gift cards, and by welcoming PA IPL for Weatherization First fundraiser and donation day.

We want to thank Faith United Church of Christ, which hosted the workshop.  Weatherization First team members from Faith UCC, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Centre CountyGrace Lutheran, and Good Shepherd Catholic Church  provided tools, extra hands, and expertise-as-needed, all of which were vital to our success.   Many, many more photos can be found on our Facebook Page.

Finally, CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: PA IPL learned about these window inserts from Maine IPL’s group,  Window Dressers  group, winner of the  2012 Cool Congregations Contest.