Let me be blunt.

Cherie Eicholz and Dr. Poune Saberi from Physicians for Social Responsibility with PA IPL board member Rev. Doug Hunt, and Senator Bob Casey at a Keystone Coffee.

Dear Administrator McCarthy,

As a person of faith, I am greatly concerned about climate change. All levels of government must act quickly to limit industrial carbon pollution.

Climate change is already becoming apparent in Pennsylvania, the country, and the world. As it unfolds, it will hurt first and worst those least able to get out of harm’s way—the poor, the old, the young, and the ill. Thus, we have a moral responsibility to take serious action to slow climate change.

To this end, I support EPA’s proposed standard to limit industrial carbon pollution from new power plants, and I urge you to finalize the rule quickly without weakening it in any way.


The message couldn’t be more direct.  We have no business building new power plants that emit more pollution than the average current plant.   The proposed standard has been vetted by individuals, industry, and scientists.  It’s time for it to be finalized.

When we visit our Senators to talk about the ways that we —congregations, study groups, and individuals of faith— are stepping up with energy efficiency, outreach in our communities, and clean energy purchasing we’ll make sure they get copies of the postcards, too.

Will you join us in signing?   There are 3 easy ways you can do it.  Pick your favorite:

  1. Old school
    Download the PDF to print and mail.  Please send postcards to us so that we can count totals!  PA IPL, 2100 East College Ave., Suite C, State College, PA 16801  you’re welcome to duplicate these for your friends to sign, too2014.PAIPL.PreachInPostcard    Are you announcing the postcard signing in your congregation?  Here’s some help: PAIPL.TalkingAboutClimateChange.postcards2014
  2. Email
    Send us an email, including the postcard text (copy and paste from above), with your full name, zip code, and permission to sign on your behalf.
  3. Web form  
    Use this webform to “sign” electronically.  Feel free to share the link with your networks!