Snug in their beds.

We’re always pleased to see pictures of work done by the Weatherization First events!  This story comes from volunteers who also happen to be members of the Green Team at Grace Lutheran Church.


The volunteer group consisted of a pastor, a couple of young high schoolers, and a leader with DIY insulation experience.  They specifically recruited people who were small and/or flexible and strong to more easily work in the tight corners of the attic crawlspace.

THE CHALLENGE: The house in question generally has $300 gas bills per month in the winter, despite thrifty habits. The attic, though once insulated with blown-in cellulose, now had a mere inch of this incredibly dusty stuff.  The team installed 9 inch fiberglass blanket insulation on the floor, and in the space where the walls joined.   Mostly that 1528578_10153692415805105_818210416_nmeant tucking a cut-to-fit piece of insulation into the gap.  In one spot though, piece after piece just dropped in and vanished.  They kept adding pieces until one stayed in view!   The dust on the camera lens here tells you a little bit about what it was like in the attic.  Luckily it was dry, dry, dry —no leaks, and no mold.

The residents pledged to donate a portion of their gas bill savings to the team to fund future projects.

Note the air space left for the eaves to “breathe.”

COST: $127 in insulation, plus dust masks.  TIME: 3 hours to install, plus planning time
RESULT: The gas use results won’t be in for a couple of months, but the residents reported a fantastic immediate result.   They couldn’t sleep the first night after the insulation… because it was too hot upstairs! Their steam radiators were still adjusted as they had been the night before, and even though they  turned the downstairs thermostat down to about 58F before bed, it got to be about 70F upstairs where the heat was now trapped.   Not so comfortable for folks used to sleeping cold!  They’ve turned the radiators waaaaaay down upstairs and are comfortable now.  We’re all looking forward to seeing  the difference is in gas usage, and are thrilled that some of the cost savings will be used to fund future projects.

In the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan …. but the family was warm, all snug in their beds!