Planning’s good. More doing, please.

PA DEP listening session on greenhouse gas emissions

On Monday, 12/9 the Pennsylvania DEP held a “listening session” about the proposed regulations the EPA just gathered public input about last month.  They haven’t been proposed.  If they are proposed and adopted on schedule, states will be required to implement them in June 2016.

The statement delivered by PA IPL member Steve Todd (thanks, Steve!) was an adaptation of our statement at the EPA listening session with a few state-specific additions.  Our basic message: we’re really glad you’re planning ahead, DEP, but why wait for the Feds? We’ve got a State Climate Plan and the health of our own citizens to move us forward,  along with the knowledge that, as the producer of 1% of the world’s greenhouse gasses, actions we take can have a positive effect for EVERYONE.    Why would we wait?  At this meeting we were invited to observe the Air Quality Technical Advisory Committee meeting on 12/12.  Board member John Bechtel attended for PA IPL (thanks, John!).  We’ve heard unofficially that input from people with technical expertise, particularly with regards to Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act would likely be welcomed as the state moves forward.  Are you that person?