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I’m asking you to donate, but don’t give blindly.   Read on to catch a glimpse of PA IPL’s current work and be inspired to increase your gift this year.  [paypal-donation purpose=”PAIPL 2013 Appeal”]

  • IMG_0468_2Concrete projects like Weatherization First, Positively Green, and Bright Idea (webinar recording coming soon!) reduce carbon emissions for everyone and cut bills for neighbors who are struggling to make ends meet.
  • WeatherizationFirstlogo.MalcomWoolenCool Congregations and walk-through audits help congregationswith buildings focus their upgrades for maximum emissions savings (and comfort!).  A new partnership will help congregations in PECO and WestPenn service areas get 100% clean energywithin the same budget as their current electricity.
  • We lead workshops tailored to tap into themes of denominational gatherings, or 004success of mission-driven congregational programs and we join communityconversations about climate change to share faith perspectives.
  • We create and support both single-faith and multi-faith opportunities to gather as people of faith with a common concern.
  • We speak up publicly to raise the moral and ethical dimensions of climate
    PA DEP listening session on greenhouse gas emissions
    PA DEP listening session on greenhouse gas emissions

    change, in print, in panel discussions, at public hearings, and via conversations withour public officials at all levels of government and their staff members.  We ask our leaders to lead on climate change, and we offer, as a non-partisan, interfaith group, to connect them with scientists, ethicists, or faith leaders when they are ready to learn more.

  • Most invisible, but perhaps most powerful: PA IPL gathers and feeds the network of people seeking to respond to the enormous challenges of climate change, to keep the light burning in what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming darkness.

Our work is volunteer driven, and our office space generously donated by a partnering organization, but we need your financial contributions to keep us moving forward. We are ready to step to the next level, increasing outreach and programing, but we’re clear that it will take a bit more than a one part-time staffer in a single location.

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