Did your PA legislators attend?

As you heard here there was a hearing entitled “What Should Pennsylvania Be Doing to Address Climate Change” this week in the Capitol building in Harrisburg on the State Climate Plan.  We’re very pleased it happened.

1488918_10201879927057773_670959275_nCall your legislators to find out if they attended or sent staff (find phone numbers using your zip code), and note that this panel was sponsored by the House Democratic Policy council, but Dr. Alley publicly identifies himself as a registered Republican in his excellent climate change TV series Earth: the Operators’ Manual, making it bipartisan.

Board member Rachel Mark (one of at least 5 members of PA IPL in attendance)  reported back:

Dr. Richard Alley (seen here in 45 important seconds of his keynote presentation at PA IPL’s Annual Conference 2012), climate scientist and glaciologist, presented theassessment report. He is optimistic that people are beginning to understand the crisis we are facing, and the need to act. I hope he is right. People are recognizing that we are seeing changes now. However, if we keep doing what we are doing, the changes and damages will be huge. There are uncertainties in the science community about how bad things will be, but the uncertainties lie on the bad sad. It won’t get


better, the question is, how much worse will it get.  Some of subsequent speakers today talked about national security and how many people involved in national security view climate change as a number one threat.

House Representatives attending the climate hearing  , House Representatives included Greg Vitali and Harrisburg’s Patty Kim. I am optimistic that we now have someone in Harrisburg who may understand the critical need for change.

Director’s note: See Richard Alley’s unforgettable “horse ploppies” explanation (first 1.5 minutes), and watch his excellent Earth: The Operators’ Manual series online for free (3 x 1-hour episodes).  Contact us for a copy that doesn’t depend on an in-the-moment internet connection that you can use with your congregation or study group.