Appeal from the director.

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Every winter I am reminded how visceral my need for light is.  Through seasonal gatherings, I am also reminded how vital the support of a hopeful, active community is to me.

In climate change work, Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light is that hopeful gathering place.  We do not need to toil away lit by just our own small spark of hope.  Knowing that there are others – nearby and across a map-fold from us – responding to climate change specifically as people of faith allows us to do much more.   Yes, we give each other practical help – but when the sparks from our individual efforts join to shed a greater light, we gain deeper spiritual encouragement as well.

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This season when many faiths celebrate Light is of course also the season of the end-of-year appeal.  I wholeheartedly join in the contemplative, grateful, hopeful and celebratory aspects of the northern hemisphere’s darkest season.  And I am grateful that your past support (monetary and otherwise) has helped PA IPL get this far. Now I’m asking you to help us grow our efforts.   Whether you write a check or click to donate, your financial contribution helps us go and helps us grow.

Please, use today to support our work financially, and reach out tomorrow to find out how to increase your participation. Pray, too: for successes that are greater than the sum of our efforts. Nurture hope in the darkness. Lean toward the Light.

What are we up to?
I’m asking you to donate, but don’t give blindly.   Read this post to catch a glimpse of PA IPL’s current work and be inspired to increase your gift this year.

Our work is volunteer driven, and our office space generously donated by a partnering organization, but we need your financial contributions to keep us moving forward. We are ready to step to the next level, increasing outreach and programing, but we’re clear that it will take a bit more than a one part-time staffer in a single location.

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We have come this far with your help. Will you help (sustainably)  fuel our work at the next level?