TAKE ACTION: Pennsylvania and Climate Change

The Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee will conduct a hearing —open to the public —in Harrisburg (Minority Caucus Room, 418 Main Capitol) to answer the question:  What should Pennsylvania be doing to address climate change?   The hearing is sponsored by State Representative Greg Vitali.  Panelists will include Richard Alley, Tom Peterson, Janet Milkman, Christina Simeone, Rick Price, Erik Johanson. *  Begins at 10 AM.

  1. Do call your PA State Representative your PA State Senator and your to find out if s/he will be attending or sending staff and let us know.  Since this panel is sponsored by the House Democratic Policy council it may help Republican members to know that Dr. Alley publicly identifies himself as a registered Republican in his excellent climate change TV series Earth: the Operators’ Manual.
  2. UPDATE on task #2: Vote complete, Mr. Abruzzo was approved.   We did hear from at least one senator’s office that that particular senator had had extensive conversations with Mr. Abruzzo, and believed that his comments were taken out of context to seem more extreme than his views really are.  In any case, we hope that Mr. Abruzzo will soon learn more in his new role and will shift his statements accordingly.  While you’re on the phone with your state senator’s office, mention that you cannot understand how someone who “does not view [climate change] as harmful and sees no reason for Pennsylvania to adopt new policies to address it” could be in consideration for the top post at the DEP.  Ask your PA senator to vote against Chris Abruzzo as DEP secretary, and to insist that that job be filled by someone who understands that climate change is harming Pennsylvanians, and that we must act before we reach our limits because climate change doesn’t stop on a dime.

*We would be pleased to publicize a similar panel in the Republican caucus, but since there isn’t one, for now we’d just like to see all of our lawmakers take advantage of this knowledgeable panel.