Turn $10 into $20!

A generous donor gave the national office of IPL a challenge this week: raise $5000 quickly, and he’ll donate $5000.  Please support national Interfaith Power & Light with a quick donation.  It can be small — skip a lunch out and donate that — you’ll be twice as generous as you think you are.

The national office of Interfaith Power & Light supports state work with materials, and a network of state leaders across the country.  I can’t tell you how important it is to be able to draw on that network!  The most tangible way the national office supports our work is by winning large-scale grants which they use to fund matching “regrants.”  PA IPL received a generous seed grant to get started, and 2014 will be our third time to receive funding for a matching grant.   We depend on your support, but this is a chance for us to send a little love back up the chain from PA!