#Climate Thanks

Gratitude and thanksgiving are an integral part of most of our faith traditions all year long, but this is the week that we focus on thankfulness in our secular lives, as Americans—at least until we flip the cultural switch to full-blown consumerism on Friday morning — so let’s pause here and take stock, too.  The work we’re doing can feel hopeless, the challenges too enormous and intractable, but we’re luckier than most.  We have the hope that we draw from our congregations, spiritual communities, and practices.    Sometimes it can seem distant, or tiny, but our faith traditions teach us how to both sit with grief and to look for the pinpricks of light shining through.

Our friends at the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication have queued up a chorus of gratitude in the climate change community by creating the #ClimateThanks hashtag.  You can use the tag on Twitter if you Tweet, or on Facebook if you don’t, and you can get inspired by the #ClimateThanks others are sharing.  Let the chorus feed you, so that on Friday, or next week, or next month, you can step forth boldly giving new attention to climate projects that have been languishing, or be inspired to reach out to others to take larger actions together.

Need some examples to get you started?   Start here and and link to many, many more. Join the chorus.