Opening Prayers 2013 Annual Conference: Rev. Dr. Gil Waldkoening

image1426The 2013 Annual Conference (One Creation, Many Faiths: A Call to Action on Climate Change) opened with a prayer from each of four faith traditions, selected and offered by our four keynote panelists.  This was the prayer offered by the Rev. Dr. Gil Waldkoening of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. (Source link for the prayer at end.)

Ever living God, source of sustaining grace,
We remember your faithfulness to generations of old,
and your promise extended to present and future people.

We thank you, that by your grace, proven and promised,
there is hope in the midst of all things.
We pray that you would open our eyes to the real presence in all Creation,
and empower us to work for justice for people and Earth.

We pray especially for courage to face climate change.
We pray for a measure of your Spirit to repent
and change gluttonous abuse of your planet Earth.

We ask that while we humbly repent of our sins
that we would learn to have mercy and compassion toward all.

Through your son, Jesus Christ, Amen.