Opening Prayers 2013 Annual Conference: Peter Adriance

image14281The 2013 Annual Conference (One Creation, Many Faiths: A Call to Action on Climate Change) opened with a prayer from each of four faith traditions, selected and offered by our four keynote panelists.  This was the prayer offered by Peter Adriance of the U.S. Bahá’í Office of Public Affairs. (Source links for prayer at end.)

          O Thou kind Lord!  These are Thy servants who have gathered in this meeting, have turned unto Thy kingdom and are in need of Thy bestowal and blessing.  O Thou God! Manifest and make evident the signs of Thy oneness which have been deposited in all the realities of life.  Reveal and unfold the virtues which Thou hast made latent and concealed in these human realities.

          O God! We are as plants, and Thy bounty is as the rain; refresh and cause these plants to grow through Thy bestowal.  We are Thy servants; free us from the fetters of material existence.  We are ignorant; make us wise.  We are dead; make us alive.  We are material; endow us with spirit.  We are deprived; make us the intimates of Thy mysteries.  We are needy; enrich and bless us from Thy boundless treasury.  O God! Resuscitate us; give us sight; give us hearing; familiearize us with the mysteries of life, so that the secrets of Thy kingdom may become revealed to us in this world of existence and we may confess Thy oneness.  Every bestowal emenates from Thee; every benediction is Thine.

          Thou art mighty.  Thou art powerful.  Thou art the Giver, and Thou art the Ever-Bounteous.


Find the prayer in the Bahá’í Reference Library, or in Illumine My Family: Prayers and Meditations from the Bahá’í Faith.