Opening Prayers 2013 Annual Conference: Sister Pat Lupo

The 2013 Annual Conference (One Creation, Many Faiths: A Call to Action on Climate Change) opened with a prayer from each of four faith traditions, selected and offered by our four keynote panelists.  image14521This was the prayer offered by Sister Pat Lupo of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie, PA. (Source links for prayer at end)

Who is fit to hold power
and worthy to act in God’s place?
Those with a passion for the truth,
who are horrified by injustice,
who act with mercy to the poor
and take up the cause of the helpless,
who have let go of selfish concerns
and see the whole earth as sacred,
refusing to exploit her creatures
or to foul her waters and lands.
Their strength is in their compassion:
God’s light shines through their hearts.
Their children’s children will bless them,
and the work of their hands will endure.

The prayer is Psalm 24, a version by Stephen Mitchell, taken from the prayer pamphet  Prayers for the Earth, published by Benetvision, a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie PA.  The prayers, one for each day of the week, nurture an attitude of love for the earth, moving all who live here to keep it beautiful for future generations.

“We do not exist outside of nature or above nature or independent of nature — we are simply its most vulnerable part.”  —Joan Chittister, OSB