monthly Policy Update and Discussion calls

PA IPL holds a monthly Policy Update and Discussion call on the 4th Thursday of the month 12:30-1:30.  These calls help members build and maintain a base of knowledge about work on climate and emissions issues in our federal, state, and sometimes local governments, and suggest ways to engage our public officials and others on the moral aspects of these issues.

PA IPL supports our members on the local, state, and national level as they advocate for policies and legislation that will increase energy efficiency and reduce our contribution to climate change. Our unique message is to focus attention on the moral implications of climate change.

Interfaith Moral Advocacy Workshop participant quotes
(Identities shared as given)

“The Interfaith Climate Advocacy Workshop will surprise you. It offers so much more than alarming climate crisis details. It offers real tools to use to influence our legislators to act now on our behalf to change climate policies. One leaves this workshop feeling able to engage with the most resistant of policy makers.”
Mimi, Quaker, Bethlehem, PA

“The Advocacy Training was an energizing day that gave me the tools I need to be an active participant in our democracy as a person of faith concerned about the impacts of climate change. Though we came from many traditions, the interfaith community can witness that it is united in its call to care for God’s world. I take heart knowing that God is calling so many of us to raise our voices on behalf of creation and the world’s most vulnerable.”
Lutheran clergyperson

“This workshop was a great amalgamation of Faith Beliefs working together on a moral issue of great urgency in our world. For me It provided a renewed hope and encouragement to continue faith-rooted advocacy.”
Marie, Catholic Religious Sister, Philadelphia

If you have ever been afraid to speak to your legislator, come to this workshop. You were feel empowered and energized to meet your rep as a fellow human being who may even be moved by your witness to take steps in the right direction. You’ll discover how to make the moral argument compelling as you build a long term relationship with that political leader.
Participant who had previously done advocacy on climate change, but without focusing on moral arguments.

“It was a meaningful day that offered a good balance of content, learning, and practice. Faith leaders and activists have the best possibility of using their voices to highlight the moral issues related to climate justice and we need opportunities to come together to share, learn and practice. Thank you!”
Marcia Berry, Baha’i Faith
relative beginner in visiting public leaders for these issues

“The PA IPL workshop on the morality of climate change gave me a totally different perspective on advocacy. It isn’t a one time fact-filled session, but a time lapsed relationship built on trust.”
Nancy, Quaker

NEXT WORKSHOP: spring (likely mid-March) in State College.  Details forthcoming.