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PA IPL assists the Centre County Fuel Bank

David DeMoss at Fuel Bank presentation

David DeMoss at Fuel Bank presentation

A couple of winters ago the Centre County Fuel Bank ran out of money.  Administered by Interfaith Human Services (IHS), the Fuel Bank is funded through local donations and provides assistance to low-income families who have already exhausted the fuel that they received through the federal LIHEAP program.  When Ruth Donahue, the Executive Director of Interfaith Human Services, went to county officials and to United Way to ask for more funds, they asked whether there was any way to reduce the demand for fuel.  She turned to PA Interfaith Power & Light and asked us to provide classes for the clients of the Fuel Bank on how to reduce their energy use.  Continue reading

Positively Green 2014



On March1, PSU IPL held the 4th annual Positively Green .   By afternoon the participants had made and installed 22 window inserts!   Check out the finished product in the photo to the right — you’re looking through 2 “panes” of insulating plastic with an excellent insulating air pocket between.  Impressively clear and window-like, isn’t it?  Effective, too.  One group of students reported being able to actually feel the difference in “their” house from beginning to end of the (very quick) installation!  The PSU IPL officers did a fantastic job organizing the day, and they’ve created a PowerPoint presentation they’re willing to share to show exactly how Continue reading

A gathering of snowflakes.

After the week we’ve had in PA, most of us are feeling pretty intimately acquainted with the weight and power of impossibly light, gentle snowflakes, gathered together.  As we’ve been mulling on the theme of Hope, it seemed timely to repost this story from a few years ago.

“Tell me the weight of a snowflake” a coalmouse asked a wild dove.

“Nothing more than nothing” was the answer. Continue reading

Snug in their beds.

We’re always pleased to see pictures of work done by the Weatherization First events!  This story comes from volunteers who also happen to be members of the Green Team at Grace Lutheran Church.


The volunteer group consisted of a pastor, a couple of young high schoolers, and a leader with DIY insulation experience.  They specifically recruited people who were small and/or flexible and strong to more easily work in the tight corners of the attic crawlspace.

THE CHALLENGE: The house in question generally has $300 gas bills per month in the winter, despite thrifty habits. The Continue reading

Keep the light burning.

#GivingTuesday is a little strange — it feels oddly commercial fordanielmenorah an expression of the widely-held desire to return our collective focus to the values and wonder of the season, but here we are, and the work of PA IPL has never been more needed.  Please do use today to support our work financially, and reach out tomorrow to find out how to increase your participation. And, of course, pray for success greater than the sum of the parts. Nurture hope in the darkness. Lean toward the Light.

What are we up to?

Skeletons Schmeletons. Are there exposed pipes in your basement?

If there are bare copper hot water pipes visible near your hot water heater, you can save 1454687_10153525872015105_685902091_nenergy and money.  A Weatherization First team from Grace Lutheran Church took these before and after photos over the weekend.  The fix will lower the utility bill for a low-income household AND reduce climate emissions.


Not much of a DIY person?  You can handle this without resorting to any colorful language.  I promise.  Click through to the directions, and you’ll know you can, too. Continue reading