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Sermon: The Passing of New Things

The Rev. Alison Cornish delivered this sermon, entitled The Passing of First Things, on April 24, 2016, at PA IPL member congregation Tabernacle United Church in Philadelphia.

Good morning, and thank you so very much for the invitation to be with you here this morning.  Having an opportunity to participate in worship of many different faith communities is one of delights I cherish as Executive Director of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light.

Vincent Van Gogh Ravine

I sincerely doubt that the common lectionary that lays out the cycle of scripture readings for so many Christian communities intentionally aligns itself with the relatively new, and entirely secular, holiday of Earth Day – officially 3 days ago – but what a gift they have given us this morning!  First, those beautiful images from Psalm 148 that Susan read earlier – words, in fact, that are the basis of St. Francis’ Canticle of the Sun – words that one author describes as ‘a symbiosis of praise involving humans and nature.’  And then, the vision from Revelation of a new earth, a new creation, of almost Edenic quality, coming to pass at the end times.  I’ll dig deeper into each of these in a few moments, but for now, let us savor these images, connecting perhaps to moments in our own lives when the qualities of our environs have elevated us, inspired us, nurtured Continue reading

Preach In: Becoming Better Stewards of the Earth

Please join us for a presentation by a medical doctor from Physicians for Social Responsibility on Climate Change and Health, with explorations of Baha’i texts and teachings about stewardship.  People of all faith traditions are welcome — participate or observe respectfully as you are comfortable..  

We will say special prayers for the earth, read and reflect on the Baha’i Holy Writings on the Creation, ecological balance, and stewardship of the earth.  There will be a presentation on the Effect of the Climate change on our Health by a medical doctor from Physicians for Social Responsibility.

This is an informative program to assist us to do our part to respect, partake, safeguard the environment.  Therefore you are welcome to spread the word and invite anyone who is interested in such a program and topic.

NOTE: The Baha’is of Harrisburg held an event as scheduled during the Preach In weekend in February but slick roads and a discouraging forecast kept a number of people who had planned to attend home.  They have therefore arranged to offer the event again in May (almost always an ice-free month here in PA!).  People of all faith traditions are welcome.  

Preach In on Climate Change

On Preach-In weekend, congregations across the United States will engage in prayer, learning, and speaking out about climate change. There are materials, supports, and examples available from many, many faith traditions and denominations.  Use the search box to find past resources and examples from previous years, or have a look at 2014 materials.

You can pre-register so that you’ll get materials as soon as they are available.

NOTE: this year Interfaith Power & Light has joined with Our Voices to add a world-wide prayer at 12 noon on Valentine’s Day.  Sign up to commit your prayer, and share the news in your congregation and networks.

Using Preach-In as a Springboard

hbg bahai preach in 2014In 2014, the Baha’is of Harrisburg once more participated in the national IPL Preach In on Climate Change, but they decided to use the Preach-In materials as a springboard to go a little deeper this year.  They did a study series of relevant Baha’i scripture, then showed the Chasing Ice DVD twice — once in a public venue (a reservable library room they used for last year’s event) and then also convened at a member’s a home, where they could have a bit more time to both discuss what they had seen in depth. That meeting was on a weeknight at dinnertime — with Bring Your Own Pizza solving the dinnertime food challenge.*

The group reports: Together we studied the Baha’i Holy Scriptures on how to become better stewards of the earth on principles such as: origin of the universe, nature, ecological principles Continue reading

Preach-In: movie, munchies, and public health


2013 Baha’is of Harrisburg Preach In event

Create a Preach In event for your community. There are lots of options, and lots of support.  We’ll help!

This movie-and-discussion preach-in event with the Harrisburg Baha’i community is open to anyone.  Dr. Jim Jones (Physicians for Social Responsibility, and a longtime Harrisburg  pediatrician) will be on hand for the discussion. Contact info@paipl.org and we’ll connect you with the organizer for directions and details.

Preach-In Preparation Workshop for Faith Leaders Concerned About Climate Change

RECORDING AVAILABLE HERE.  Please contact us to ask for the handouts (audio recordings just don’t capture those that well!).  Sound is much improved in less than 5 minutes from the beginning.

Get ready to address the faith dimensions and moral  implications of climate change in your preaching with this workshop, led by The Rev. Dr. Karyn L. Wiseman.  The Rev. Dr. Wiseman is Associate Professor of Homiletics and Director of United Methodist Studies at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. (Or see something she wrote right here on our blog.)

This interactive workshop will explore upcoming lectionary texts that connect with climate change themes, provide resources for preaching preparation and specifically address constructive and faithful ways to deal with resistance to preaching about climate change and its implications for the faith community.

You may register to attend  either in person (in Harrisburg) or using a phone-in option. There is no cost to attend.

The national Preach-In on Global Warming, a program of Interfaith Power and Light, begins February 15-16, Valentine’s Day weekend, and goes through April, 2014. This workshop is  sponsored by PA-IPL  and LAMPa.