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Faith Climate Action Week — your congregation, community, home

All you need and more (including worship and sermon resources, postcards, a discounted film and a leaders’ guide) are over at the Faith Climate Action Week website maintained by the national Interfaith Power & Light.

You can do all the things listed below (and more!) right from that main site site.

If the national week doesn’t work for your faith community, you can still participate!  None of the materials is dated.  Please take photos and share your stories whenever you participate. 

Catch the bus! Join the action!

Register for the PA IPL bus from Chestnut Hill.  It departs from St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Philadelphia, and there will be a multifaith-friendly Shabbat service right on the bus!

Facebook Event page for the PA IPL climate march bus.

THis bus is very nearly full, but our friends at CAIR – Philadelphia have invited people of all faiths to join their bus, too!  Be sure to read all the information in the “about” tab on the linked page, and then click through to sign up with them.

Lots of groups are organizing!  Find sister events or transportation from your area to DC via the standard People’s Climate Movement website, including buses from Pittsburgh, Harrisburg/Hershey, Pine Grove, West Chester, Doylestown….more added all the time!

Check out faith resources from the march’s faith contingent hubor browse through bulletin inserts from several faith traditions —copy the same one for each bulletin, or copy several different ones to spark conversation.  Note that there is a Word version if you want to adapt yours.  THANK YOU to IPL DC.MD.NoVA!

List your event so people can find it when they search.
List your bus so people can find it when they search.

Another way to engage:  Faith Climate Action Week from Interfaith Power & Light.

Central PA’s People’s Climate Day in State College

Be there in prayer and spirit!Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 12.15.47 PM

Prayer Flag project — complete as a congregation, a study group, or an individual as a way of participating in the People’s Climate March in Washington, DC, and sister events closer to home.   The project makes a terrific addition to any Earth Day or Faith Climate Action Week events you may already have planned.

A Baha’i Reflection on the Beauty of God’s Creation

Carol Zandieh offered the following reflection on the glory of God and creation at the Spiritual Assembly of Baha’is of Harrisburg, a PA IPL member congregation.

The Words of God in the Baha’i Holy Scripture as revealed by Baha’u’llah, meaning the Glory of God, teaches that:

peacockGod created the universe and all of its creatures. To every creature, He has given one of His attributes, that is why we see His signs in every created thing. But He has given all of His attributes to humans and has commanded us to be the custodians of the earth. Now I would like to share a passage with you.

“All praise to the unity of God, and all honor to Him, the Sovereign Lord, the Incomparable and All-Glorious Ruler of the universe, Who, out of utter nothingness, has created the reality of all things, Who, from naught, has brought into being the most refined and subtle elements of His creation, and Who, rescuing His creatures from the abasement of remoteness and the pearls of ultimate extinction, has received them into His kingdom of incorruptible glory. Nothing short of His all-encompassing grace, His all-pervading mercy, could have possibly achieved it. How could it, otherwise, have been possible for sheer nothingness to have acquired by itself the worthiness and capacity to emerge from its state of non-existence into the realm of being?

“Having created the world and all that liveth and moveth therein, He, through the direct operation of His unconstrained and sovereign Will, chose to confer upon man the unique distinction and capacity to know Him and to love Him—a capacity that must needs be regarded as the generating impulse and the primary purpose underlying the whole of creation…Upon the inmost reality of each and every created thing, He has shed the light of one of His names, and made it a recipient of the glory of one of His attributes. Upon the reality of man, however, He has focused the radiance of all of His names and attributes and made it a mirror of His own Self. Alone, of all created things, man has been singled out for so great a favor, so enduring a bounty.”

Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah, p. 64-65

I would like to end with a prayer that was revealed by Baha’u’llah, especially for all parts of the earth, to remind us that we are the custodians and keepers of the earth.

“Blessed is the spot, and the house, and the place,
and the city, and the heart, and the mountain,
and the refuge, and the cave, and the valley,
and the land, and the sea, and the island,
and the meadow where mention of God
hath been made and His praise glorified.”

Baha’i Prayers, title page


The reflection was offered in December 2015, and shared here in 2017.

Above image is Copyright © Bahá’í International Community, and is used courtesy of the Bahá’í Media Bank.

1st 100 hours — Vigils for Climate Action

evening prayer candlesInterfaith Power & Light is joining with GreenFaith and the Franciscan Action Network, among others, to support first 100 hours vigils for climate courage across the nation during the time of transition as President Obama steps down, and President Trump steps into office. Send friends in other states to interfaithpowerandlight.org to find an event near them or download the interfaith prayer.

Get the goods: Here in PA, contact us to share your event (share it with the national network, too, if you like!), and make sure you download the interfaith prayer sheet here — we’ve customized the back side for Pennsylvania.

Customize: We encourage vigil groups to connect the all-voices prayer above with a hymn, prayer, poem, practice, or scripture from the [one or many] traditions present at your event.

Report back: We’d love to collect all the pieces you use, and, as always, reflections and a photo or 3 from the event.

download the 2-sided PRAYER AND ACTION SHEET


Prayer for hope, courage and healing.

PA IPL director Rev. Alison Cornish offered this prayer this morning, in an email preparing for our next board meeting.

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor, nature and water“Spirit of life, and spirit of love – God of many names, and no name – be with us now. Strengthen our resolve, even in the face of hearts that are aching. Accept our tears of grief, signs of our care for all that is broken. Help us to see the beauty of Creation, in the trees touched by golden sun, the rivers washed to the sea, the rain falling on the fields, the eyes of our neighbors, the faces of strangers. Renew in us a love of life, this very life we are living. Remind us that we are never alone, but always companioned.”

Let us remember that on the global stage this morning, leaders from nearly 200 countries are in the midst of Day 3 of their meetings working to turn from the climate pollution we have wrought toward a cleaner-energy, more just future (COP22 — the first world climate meetings in which the Paris Agreements are in force). We took extraordinary steps in 2015 and 2016 toward further success at these meetings. Let us hold those active leaders and their work in our hearts and prayers today: may the Spirit move that our leaders may find creative and courageous success, beyond what they hoped even yesterday.

Board Profile: Peter Winslow


peter winslow

This Board member profile is one of a series that will roll out from now through the early fall.  Board members are active PA IPL volunteers who live and serve across Pennsylvania.  Peter Winslow was elected to the Board for a 3-year term in October 2014.  He begins his profile with a meditation.

Buckminster Fuller
meditated repeatedly on the Lord’s Prayer and, in a process he described as “Ever Rethinking,” rewrote a version for himself each night. One rendition, from his book “Intuition” (6/30/71) is:

Oh god
Our father
Who art in he even
Is your identity.
You have given us
O’erwhelmingly manifestation
Of your complete knowledge, Continue reading