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Planning meeting: stopping the dirty energy hub

photo credit: Rev. Jesse Brown ImagesByJesseBrown

photo credit: Rev. Jesse Brown ImagesByJesseBrown

RESCHEULED from 1/24 (weather)
New place and time below.
The coalition that demonstrated outside of the Energy Hub Investors conference (including Philly PA IPL — see Rabbi Malkah Binah Kline  to the left and Rabbi Mordechai Liebling below, and catch glimpses of others you know by linking through to other photos.) at Drexel University on December 5 invites people from that demonstration and interested others to an open strategy session to develop a campaign for a cleaner, greener energy future for Philadelphia.  Planning participants will work out sub-campaigns and next steps.

The recent oil train derailment has underlined the urgency of this work.

PA IPL assists the Centre County Fuel Bank

David DeMoss at Fuel Bank presentation

David DeMoss at Fuel Bank presentation

A couple of winters ago the Centre County Fuel Bank ran out of money.  Administered by Interfaith Human Services (IHS), the Fuel Bank is funded through local donations and provides assistance to low-income families who have already exhausted the fuel that they received through the federal LIHEAP program.  When Ruth Donahue, the Executive Director of Interfaith Human Services, went to county officials and to United Way to ask for more funds, they asked whether there was any way to reduce the demand for fuel.  She turned to PA Interfaith Power & Light and asked us to provide classes for the clients of the Fuel Bank on how to reduce their energy use.  Continue reading

Bright Idea Webinar

This event is finished, but you can

  • view the slides  BrightIdeaSlideshow.PAIPL
  • hear the recorded conference audio  http://tinyurl.com/PAIPLBrightIdea
  • get a copy of the Bright Idea calculator (the live Excel Template is too much to load here, but you can see a snapshot of  it at the link below).  Email Cricket and she’ll reply with an attached Excel file you can use for real.  It’s a fun toy! snapshot-BrightIdeaCalculator.PAIPL

During this call, PA IPL board member Chuck Marshall will introduce participants to an exciting program at his church, (charter PA IPL member) Central Baptist Church that is cutting emissions AND helping low-income households cut their bills — they call it Bright Idea.  The program is less flashy than Wayne Central Baptist’s solar panels, but it can be immediately affordable, and it’s actually outpacing the panels in its emissions-cutting effects.  Any congregation can adapt this for themselves.   REGISTRATION is free.

It’s a great way to

  • cut emissions
  • serve the community
  • involve the congregation

Invite a friend to join the call, too.  If you get excited and want to share the ideas with more people, we’d be glad to schedule webinars or in-person events.

Before the call, we’ll email you

  • a PDF you can use to follow along with the presentation
  • a nifty calculator to measure the program’s impact
  • directions for making the call using your phone (normal rates or minutes-charges apply) or your computer (free!).

We’ll start on time, but feel free to duck out early if you need to — most of the information will be covered by 7:30, and the remaining time will be available for Q and A.

Click through to REGISTER!

Positively Green 2014



On March1, PSU IPL held the 4th annual Positively Green .   By afternoon the participants had made and installed 22 window inserts!   Check out the finished product in the photo to the right — you’re looking through 2 “panes” of insulating plastic with an excellent insulating air pocket between.  Impressively clear and window-like, isn’t it?  Effective, too.  One group of students reported being able to actually feel the difference in “their” house from beginning to end of the (very quick) installation!  The PSU IPL officers did a fantastic job organizing the day, and they’ve created a PowerPoint presentation they’re willing to share to show exactly how Continue reading

Positively Green


This event is over, but you can see all the pictures in a Facebook album on PA IPL’s Facebook page, or have a look at the write up on our blog.

Positively Green 2014 is the 4th annual energy efficiency and weatherization service learning event held on “State Patty’s Day.”  Organized primarily by Penn State students, there is a learning and action component in the morning, followed by lunch, after which participants head out to service sites to put the learning and preparation work into action in low-income households and service agencies in Centre County, gathering again for a conclusion at the end of the day.  Register here.

The learning component takes place within walking distance of campus.  We will carpool to work sites within 10 miles of State College.


9-12 learning and pre-building
12-12:30 lunch
12:30-1 move volunteers and materials to worksites
1-3:30 service
3:30 return to learning site to regroup and share stories (cookies!)
4:30 adjourn

Learn more webinar: Affordable clean electricity together

This webinar has past, but you can join the new bids for CONGREGATIONS or HOUSEHOLDS, or email Cricket to learn more or schedule a workshop or webinar.

Spring Community Power Program for Faith Institutions — Feb. 24
Join us for a Webinar on Monday February 24, 11am-noon. 

Reserve your webinar seat now by emailing Cricket.

note: 1-hour time slot includes 30 min for Q and A.  After registering you will receive a confirmation email with a link and a phone number for joining the webinar.

Space is limited, but anyone may register.
Reserve your webinar seat now by emailing Cricket with your name, phone number, and congregation/town.

The Groundswell Community Power Program and Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light partnership helps faith institutions switch to 100% renewable energy and save money.

This webinar will discuss the spring opportunity for faith institutions and congregations to apply to join our purchasing group to save and go clean.  Past groups have saved over $800,000 while cutting emissions equivalent to pulling 13,000 cars off the road for a year!

The webinar will help you learn more about how the Groundswell Community Power Project (in which PA IPL is a partner) works.  You’ll get an overview, and have plenty of time to ask questions.

?    how can 100% clean electricity be affordable for congregations right now?
   who can participate?
   how does it work?
?    how much will it cost?
   when do we commit?

All webinars have the same core content, and all will be hosted by experienced Groundswell staff.  Attend as soon as your schedule allows.

Reserve your webinar seat now by emailing Cricket.

How does a webinar work?
These Groundswell webinars are held on a professional platform called GoToMeeting.  It will let participants hear the presenter and see slides, and participants can ask questions in one area of the screen or through audio.  Attend from the comfort of your own home, or gather with a committee or a few interested folks from your congregation.  Cricket will walk you through how to connect with the webinar, but we promise it’s not hard!  (If you’re concerned, give her a call at 814-876-2597, and we’ll find a place for folks to gather in person to participate in the webinar together.)

System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
Mac®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.6 or newer
Mobile attendees
Required: iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or Android tablet

Reserve your webinar seat now by emailing Cricket.